Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grand Marias Vacation (part 1)

The end of June we took a vacation to Grand Marias Minnesota.
We drove to Duluth and spent the night.  Then got up the next morning to continue our trip North along the shore of Lake Superior.  It was a gorgeous drive!

We stopped at Gooseberry Falls State Park for some hiking and photo's.

It's a breathtaking place to go!
The kids all made me a nervous wreck though!  I was so afraid they were going to get swept away.

When we got to our cabin, the first thing we did was head to the lake!
The water was 36 degree's!
Even though we warned the kids, it was not at all what they were expecting!

The evenings were in the low fifties, perfect for roasting marshmallows!
Jia is using her stick for a microphone!

We headed South a bit to Lutzen - Caribou Highlands Resort for some Alpine Sliding!
I hate the ride up, but the ride down is so worth it!

Here's the kids with their sleds, fixing to ride down the mountain.
You can hardly tell where the water ends and the sky begins!

Of course one of the first things I noticed when we arrived in Grand Marias was this!
Just today I made Jia a dress from the gorgeous hand painted fabric I bought here!

View of town from the Quilt Shop.

We played in town at the harbor for a while one afternoon.

We also drove up to the Canadian border just to show the kids.  We seen this bear close to Grand Portage.

Our Cabin on the lake!

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