Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommy N Me

My friend Renea of Look at Me Photography did Mommy N Me pictures this Saturday.
My kids weren't too happy about being drug out of bed early on Saturday... but it was so worth it!

Here is Lil' Miss 'Tude!

I went to get Renea some breakfast and Jory and Jia stayed with her. 
She killed the time by snapping pictures!
(Renea, Jia loves you!  LOL!)

Me and my kiddo's. 
We are missing Jadeth.  Maybe next year he'll make it home for Mothers Day.
Praying for gas prices to go down!

And in Black N White. 
I love the 'DANGER' sign above Jacen's head.

I do have some great Easter pics and some Mothers Day pictures to share soon.
And tomorrow is Jia's Preschool Graduation, so pics of that coming soon to!

Hope you all had a blessed Mothers Day!

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