Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Wednesdays with Beth (Moore)
What I love Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday

Those are just a few of things that happen on Wednesday.

Something new is fixin' to happen around here on Wednesday.

You see, last year I started a blog to journal a bible study my friend and I were doing. 
But life happened. 
We took the summer off and have yet to start back! 
And let's face it... blogging takes time. 
Something I don't have a lot extra of.

But I really want to get back to journaling what God is showing me through bible study, devotions, life....

So without further ado....
I introduce to you....

I hope you'll journey there with me on Wednesdays and share what God is showing you in your life.
And like I said.... blogging takes time.
So if you'd like to help me sometime and guest post, I would love that!

See you at the WELL!

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