Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to School 2010

The kids started school August 18th.  So far, so good!
Jory is now a 2nd grader!  He is always up early and ready to go!
Every other week, Jack goes to work at 5:00 and Jory wants Jack to wake him up before he leaves.  He is loving this year!  I hope he keeps it up!

Jacen is an 8th grader!
His last year before High School - YIKES!!!!
He's loving school and doing great to!

Jia is in preschool! 
The first day she literally weaved her way in between the other parents legs that were in line ahead of us!
I got a wave and off she went!
She's thriving!

I thought this was a cute pic.
Jory is ready to head out the door and Jia is just waking up!

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Annie said...

What awesome kids you have! Love the first day of school pics and I hope they have great year!