Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jory Coloring Eggs

Jacen informed me he is now 'too old' to color eggs so Jory had the job all to himself!
This year we just dyed the eggs and used stickers to decorate them. Jory made one with each of our names on it.
I was busy sewing while he and Grandma colored eggs, but I can't share pictures just yet. I was able to finish up a little something for someone special who follows my blog and I wouldn't want her to see it just yet! ;-)
Here's some cute pics from Saturday!
Here is Jory with all his eggs and Jack's

I asked him if I was in trouble when I seen mine!!!!

He's doing the bunny ears to Jadeth's!

One for Jacen and Jory with a funny face!

Another funny face I couldn't help but share!

While we were finishing up our sewing projects... Jory made a Chili's hat and was playing waiter! It was pretty cute considering he's never been to a Chili's! I don't know where he comes up with this stuff!

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